For Honor update adds new time limited game mode

As we approach the end of 2019, Ubisoft has laid on a special For Honor event to carry us into the new year.

The in game “Zhanhu’s Gambit” event is now live with a slew of exclusive rewards to unlock though fans will no doubt turn their attention to the new time limited playable mode: Emperor’s Escape.


As the name implies you’ll need to escort your ruler to safety as you fend off waves of incoming enemies. This is strictly a PvE co-op mode designed for groups of four players as they cross swords with AI grunts and rival officers.

In order to advance, you’ll need to capture a series of control points while making sure the emperor isn’t overrun. It’s a challenging mode and one that forces you and your squad to maintain a careful balancing act while being outnumbered.

As previously mentioned, during Zhanhu’s Gambit there is plenty of gear up for grabs including some shiny new cosmetics and one new weapon set (comprised of three parts) for each of the game’s 26 heroes.

The event is now live across all platforms and will run until January 6th, 14:00 UTC. For a more detailed breakdown of Emperor’s Escape, rewards, weekly quests, and faction competitions, here’s the official FAQ.

For Honor continues to be one of our favourite ongoing games, Ubisoft recently announcing that it will support the unique fighter with new content in 2020. Here’s what to expect:

  • Each season will have its own theme, rewards, activities, and art from a renowned artist each season.
  • There will be two new heroes – one at Y4S2 and the other Y4S4!
  • We’re introducing a new reward system –with the For Honor Battle Pass.
  • Improved Fight Core Experience: Emphasis on Testing Ground
  • An All-Access Competitive Program will be launched.
  • There will be new armour!

In its final season of Year 3 (Y3S4), the Zhanhu was added to For Honor as the 26th playable hero. You can read more about the Zhanhu in our hands on with the new character.

Source: Press Release

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