World War Z’s Horde mode hotfix is now live, patch notes here

A new hotfix has gone live for the remarkably fun World War Z across all platforms, “Thank you for all your feedback, as it is very helpful in identifying and resolving any bugs,” say Focus Interactive.

Patch notes


  • Fixed an issue that was causing significant performance drop
  • Fixed zombie desync that would accumulate between waves in Horde Mode

Horde Mode

  • Fixed and issue that would prevent zombies from spawning at Wave 20+
  • Reduced maximum number of Auto Turret refills from 3 to 2
  • Increased Auto Turret cost from 50 to 70
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Heavy Weapons to spawn in a wrong place when purchased
  • All rewards (including yellow and blue currency) are now growing up to Wave 40 instead of Wave 20
  • Reduced XP rewards growth by 20% to compensate overall rewards increase

General fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would allow to launch Horde Mode with mutators, resulting in unexpected crashes during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent weapons from leveling up if they got a few XP left
  • Fixed an issue with certain mutators not reducing game rewards as originally intended in Private Lobby


Horde mode was released earlier this month new co-op mode players will need to work together to face off against waves of zombies. These waves are endless and each one will get harder until players are finally overrun. As players survive waves they will get rewarded resources that can be then spent on weapons, which are randomised, and other items such as med kits, defence kits, and equipment. Completing objectives linked to each wave also earns extra resources.

Resources aren’t the only way to get weapons and equipment as there will be moments of quiet to explore the maps, and hidden in some areas will be bonus loot to use without spending resources. The new wave of zombies adds a new type called the Bomber, which explodes if it gets close to you.

Source: Focus

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