TSA’s Most Wanted in 2020 #50-41

Next year is set to be a huge year for video games. With the next generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X looming, there’s a whole new era of video games that we know next to nothing about, and yet developers are still putting some of their best work out on current platforms.

Today we’re kicking off a look at our 50 most wanted games in 2020, with the first ten of these covering innovative first person shooters, VR, MMOs, classic JRPGs, and plenty more besides.

50 – Disintegration

PS4, XBO, PC – 2020

Disintegration has promise. The first game from V1 Entertainment, a studio founded by former Halo and SOCOM devs, Disintegration is a first person sci-fi shooter where you’re commanding your forces in the midst of battle. The story predominatly follows Romer Shoal, a resistance fighter looking to hold onto the remnants of his humanity in the face of the Rayonne forces that want to destroy all trace of humanity.

Disintegration will feature a PvP mode in which players will give each other commands to win battles across different modes. We’ve seen some gameplay and it looks like players will be using their Gravcycles as the weapons to take on hordes of enemies.

49 – After the Fall

PSVR, Oculus, Vive – 2020

Vertigo Games struck some VR gold with Arizona Sunshine. The zombie infested shooting experience drew in a lot of people, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Vertigo has gone for another VR shooter with After The Fall. Players will be transported to an alternate 1980s LA where society has collapsed, but the once sunny Californian city is now in the grips of much icier weather.

Up to four players can work together to craft weapons and fight against the creatures that control this winter horrorland. There’s also mention of powers, but we don’t know what kind you’ll be able to wield yet.

48 – Predator: Hunting Grounds

PS4, PC – 14th April 2020

We’re cautiously optimistic about this latest game from developer Illfonic. While responsible for Friday the 13th: The Game, one of the best multiplayer games of this console generation, they were also responsible for Dead Alliance, one of the worst:. Hopefully, with the backing of Sony and a much loved movie franchise in its hands once again, we can expect some more of that movie adaptation magic.

From what we’ve seen so far, it definitely looks competent, though Illfonic will need to get that asymmetric balance right as unwitting squaddies go up against our mesh-wearing alien murderer.

47 – New World

PC – May 2020

Chances are, if you’ve been shopping for games on Amazon over Christmas, you’ve spotted ads for New World. The company’s upcoming action MMO also made an appearance this year’s Game Awards ceremony and is due to launch in May 2020 after a closed beta slated for April.

Aside from colonial era setting, New World will lean on skill-based combat in a world where you can either go alone or work together with other players. It’s this aspect that is perhaps most intriguing, seeing how Companies can unite to conquer territory across Aeternum, locked in power struggles with other player-run factions.

46 – Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered

PS4, Switch, iOS, Android – Summer 2020

Final Fantasy VII remake isn’t the only classic from the long-running series getting a remaster in 2020. Back in 2003, Crystal Chronicles was seen as a grand return for Square Enix to a Nintendo console, but the GameCube game had a rather different style to the mainline games, with gameplay loops and up to four players in co-op.

The remaster updates it for PS4, Switch and mobiles with enhanced graphics, new dungeons and freshly recorded and arranged music and voice acting. Most importantly, the local co-op of the original will be enhanced with online cross-platform multiplayer.

45 – Godfall

PS5, PC – Q4 2020

The first confirmed PS5 console exclusive announced at The Game Award by Gearbox. It is also coming to PC. So far what we know about Godfall is that it is being labelled as a looter slasher, will have co-op mode for up to three players, and that it’s set in a war designed to bring about the Apocalypse.

Players will need to keep upping their loot as enemies become tougher in the world, but exactly how it’ll play remains to be seen. We should get more details over the next few months.

44 – The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

Win, Mac, Switch, PS4, XBO – 4th February 2020

The revival The Dark Crystal through its Netflix series is to be joined by a video game spin off in 2020. Developed by BonusXP and En Masse Entertainment, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics is a tactical RPG spin on the fiction, looking to immerse players in the fantasy world of Thra and the events of the series.

43 – Session

XBO, PC – Q1 2020

I think even the most ardent of Skate fans has given up hope of ever seeing Skate 4 announced by EA, but that’s alright, we’ve got Session to look forward to instead!

Now in Early Access on PC, and expected to head into Xbox Game Preview in 2020, it promises the same kind of freeform playground feel with similarly technical and challenging controls.

As Tom wrote in our preview, “Session in its current form is a glimpse of something special. The small amount of content on offer mixed with the instability of the game will put some off, but there’s a lot of fun and depth to be found in the fantastic trick system. I look forward to not only seeing where the development team take Session, but also what the community creates and films in the coming months.”

42 – Oddworld: Soulstorm

Consoles and PC – 2020

Following in the footsteps of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, Soulstorm’s “complete story retake” of Abe’s Exxodus is set to be another impressive retelling, recreation and remake of a 90s classic. From what little we’ve seen, it’s an impressive transformation, with more fluid movement, more possibilities, deeper and more vibrant worlds, but that same classic side-scrolling action and feel.

Oddworld Inhabitants have been teasing the game for an awfully long time now, but the last few days have seen several in quick succession, meaning we could see more of Soulstorm soon. Hopefully.

41 – Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]

Switch, PS4 – 20th February 2020

As ridiculous Japanese game titles go, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] is certainly up there, but that won’t matter to fans of this fighting series. The latest iteration of the Under Night In-Birth series feature the new player character Londrekia, as well as sweeping updates to the game that bring a thousand balance changes and new moves to learn.

What’s also sure to get fans a little hot under the collar is that this will be the first time that the series is coming to Nintendo Switch, hoping to appeal to newcomers with comprehensive tutorials, as well as series fans just hoping to be able to take this anime fighting game with them on the go.

That’s all for this article, but come back tomorrow where we’ll be featuring ten more of our most wanted games in 2020. 

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