Royal Mail reveals retro video game inspired special edition stamps

Royal Mail always puts out different kinds of special edition stamps and the company is kicking off the new decade by looking to the past for its next set. Revealed today Royal Mail is releasing retro video game inspired stamps featuring games from the 1980s and 1990s. The games include Worms, Sensible Soccer, Micro Machines, Lemmings, Dizzy, Elite, Wipeout, and Populous. There’s also a separate Tomb Raider inspired set to get.


The sets are available to pre-order and will be available from January 21st. The Video Games Presentation Pack will set you back £14.25 and that contains all the stamps plus a Tomb Raider miniature stamp sheet. You can have the eight stamps framed for £29.99, get a Tomb Raider Collector’s Sheet for £11.40. There are quite a few different options through the Royal Mail website if you want to have a look at them yourselves.

Source: Royal Mail

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  1. These are wonderful and remind me of what I would argue was a golden age of gaming. I was in my teens and nothing better than having a mate over for some co op Sensi (after touch on the ball was cutting edge). Loved Dizzy (rock hard if I recall) and Lemmmings and very embarrassingly I remember self – styling myself as the Lemmings Level Doctor and providing assistance to my class mates on some of the harder levels. I flush with embarrassment now but also don’t care as loved it. Well done Royal Mail. May even pick myself up a set for nostalgia.

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