Modern Warfare Outback Pack purchases proceeds to be donated for Australia bushfires relief

Australia is on fire. With temperatures hitting record highs across the nation along with drought conditions has led to devastating bushfires. There have been deaths including of volunteer firefighters that have been trying to beat back the flames, and estimations suggest that more than a billion animals have been killed in the fires. It’s a crisis that will take a long time and a lot of money to recover from, as well as fund ways to prepare and prevent bigger dangers in the future.

Activision has announced that it will donate to a relief fund. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the Outback pack has been renamed the Outback relief pack. Activision and Infinity Ward have confirmed that all net proceeds from purchases of the pack will be donated, and that applies retroactively with purchases before this announcement counting towards the relief donation as well. The fundraising will be running until January 31st.


If you don’t have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare but do want to donate to help Australians below are a list of direct links to charities and organisations including regional volunteer firefighting groups.

New South Wales Rural Fire Service donations page.

Victoria County Fire Authority donations page.

CFS Foundation

Western Australia Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Queensland Rural Fire Service


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