Disco Elysium adds Hardcore Mode and widescreen support

Disco Elysium, the super stylish sleuthing CRPG, has received a surprise new update which is available to download right now.


Developer ZA/UM has been hard at work concocting a new way to play cringey cop sim. Hardcore Mode will put your detective skills to the test, penalising poor decisions and bad rolls with harsher consequences, potentially prodding players towards different ways of solving the main case and myriad side stories. Here’s what to expect:

  • You will fail more – The difficulty of every Check goes up, bringing down your chances of success. Solving this case without being a Total Disaster Cop is even harder than normal.
  • You’re going to be poorer – You’ll have even less money, meaning there’s less for you to pick up. Better get used to picking up every scrap you can find…
  • Prices have gone up – Pharmaceutical prices have gone up, which means failing costs you even more and they don’t heal you as much.
  • You’ll need to turn to the hard stuff – Booze and cigarettes are going to help you a lot, sweet ciggys clearing your head and extra drink to build courage will become more of a necessity on this playthrough.
  • Most treasured possessions – The few possessions you do have become more important, make sure to treasure what you have!
  • You’ll have to think more carefully – The Thought Cabinet debuffs are more painful when you’re already liable to fail. One the flip side, the bonuses thoughts offer might push you down paths you wouldn’t otherwise take.
  • You’ll level up faster – Failing builds character. You’ll gain extra token amounts of XP every time you finish a task and you’ll level faster and higher, if only marginally.

It’s fair to say that Disco Elysium is a pretty niche title but that didn’t stop it from picking up four gongs at last year’s Game Awards. Here at TSA it managed to bag our top accolade for Best PC Game while also being nominated for Best Visual Design and Best Gameplay.

Source: Press Release

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