What We Played #493 – Outriders, Monster Hunter Rise & Disco Elysium

It’s been a lovely week of Easter holidaying in our household, and that’s meant that when we’ve not been downing chocolate like it’s some kind of spectator sport, we’ve been playing quite a lot of games as we ride the subsequent sugar high. Minecraft and Roblox are top of the house charts, though I don’t really know why Roblox is so popular.

In my personal gaming time I’ve basically just continued playing Monster Hunter Rise, but I have also started Outriders and I’m really enjoying the sci-fi set up, even if it otherwise feels pretty familiar. Besides that, there’s been Genesis Noir and we also returned to the rubbish PS4 version of Godzilla game after watching Kong vs Godzilla. Of the two, the movie is infinitely better, though it’s also infinitely stupid.

Nic B has played all of the Monster Hunter, which is a little hyperbolic when it’s just Rise and World. He tells us, “I am now a Switch Axe convert, and I love it… Other than that, been enjoying Kaldheim in MTGA while it lasts. Next is the world of Harry Potter Strixhaven, which is coming scarily fast.”

Jim has been hammering Outriders. “It’s been a bit of a rough launch week to say the very least. Constant disconnects (even when playing singleplayer), empty matchmaking queues, and crossplay issues have given me plenty of reasons to stop playing. I was hoping these issues would be ironed out ahead of release due to the extended amount of time the Outriders demo was available. I’m pretty torn overall. On one hand I’ve loved throwing myself into the game’s frenzied, supercharged firefights though it hasn’t been captivating enough to keep me going even now that I’ve hit the loot-filled endgame “Expeditions”. Apart from that I’ve been playing Enlisted and the Dirt 5 Uproar DLC.”

Drea has restarted her Animal Crossing island and has been enjoying it immensely once again. She tells us, “I’ve been enjoying a bit of Assassin’s Creed as it always puts me in a great mood, and like my brother been playing MTGA (though I only started that yesterday).”

Aran has also played Outriders and despite some issues is liking it; “I’m playing as a Trickster so getting right into the action by teleporting into enemy groups and taking them out. Also player some Empire of Sin which isn’t bad. Pretty easy to take over areas and wipe other gangs out.” Meanwhile Miguel has been playing Monster Hunter Rise, Black Ops Cold War, a sprinkling of Fortnite, and had a random afternoon of Tekken 7 and Mario Kart.

Nick P has been continuing his grind for the Yakuza: Like a Dragon platinum as well as getting wins in Warzone, while Steve has finished his initial playthroughs of NieR Replicant for our upcoming review and is waiting on the full release to finish the grind for weapon upgrades. He’s also rattled through the “lovely” Firewatch, the “interesting” Deliver Us the Moon and fiddled with his Vita library now that it’s all installed.

Tuffcub has obviously played Destiny 2, but also a bit of Control, “but only for a short time as the lack of signposting is driving me nuts. There are signs but they just don’t point to the fecking place you want to get to, just a general direction. Argh! Also a little bit of Oddworld Soulstorm which is OK so far. Not quite sure why it’s took six years to come out though.”

Meanwhile Gareth has mostly been playing Disco Elysium on PS5 for our review, with multiplayer Black Ops Cold War and some progress towards the Miles Morales platinum squeezed in alongside. “I’m almost there with Miles Morales, just got to finish the story in New Game + and then break 15 things whilst riding Rhino. You know, normal stuff.”

Finally, Tef finished Woflenstein: The New Order last weekend, and then decided to pull up a guide and race through the collectible for his first 1000 gamerscore game on Xbox – “I’ve only had an Xbox since the Xbox One X,” is his excuse for this being his first. Then, seeing that Deliver Us the Moon was leaving Game Pass soon, he was nudged to finally play the indie game, and “rather enjoyed the unexpected direction the story went.”

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. I’ve had a couple of long Death Stranding sessions and am nearing the end, or so I assume since vast aurora and heavy rain are usually a sign that drama is reaching a peak. I’ve loved every minute but the very grindy looking platinum and the lack of incentives to improve weapons have led me to ditch the side missions completely, trudging across the mountains setting up zip lines has been way more satisfying anyway! Talking of which I’ve got a race across a pretty satisfying zip line network and a date with Mads Mikkelsen lined up for tonight, plus pizza and beer. Lockdown schmockdown!

  2. Played alot of OutRiders had a lot of servers issues and crashes the whole week. Finally got the Platinum after 40hrs on solo. Trading this game as soon as the local Game shop opens as I am not a fan of Connection Required to play online. Really wish you can plat offline as I wouldn’t mind returning to it in 20 years time as this has the most fun combat with great loots/gear and upgrades.
    This weekend will be Resident Evil Verse Online Beta ^^ cannot wait to start on that tonight :)

  3. I got the Borderlands 1 platinum today, for my 100th platinum! Borderlands felt suitably landmark for my 100th plat. Now I’m working on the DLC for the 100% – no idea how that long might take, but keeping fingers crossed, seems to be going OK so far!

  4. Well, over 5 years later and once again NMS is my full time obsession. The variety has been hugely increased and i’m encountering several new finds every time i play. Plus the Expedition mode is proving quite engaging, throwing new rewards at you every time you get a bit done and offering a quicker route to mastering the technology etc and amassing a fortune. Not that i ever fell out of love with it but wow, everything seems even more alien, more mysterious, more beautiful, more inviting than it ever was.

  5. After not doing much over the Easter weekend, I gave this months PS+/Now freebies a go.

    Zombie Army 4 is fun, but I’ve got to give it a go in co-op mode at some point. And Avengers is more fun than I was expecting. Not great, but not too bad.

    Then a bit more Valhalla (I found that little quest where a strange man starts singing “Smack my bishop”). And some Hunt: Showdown. (The new boss, Birdy McBirdface, or whatever he’s called, is interesting)

    Oh, and some NMS. And that free Enlisted thing, which is actually quite good fun.

    How did I manage all that when I didn’t do anything over Easter and then felt shit for a couple of days after the Covid vaccination?

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