Bloober Team tease a sequel to cyberpunk horror game Observer

Polish game developer Bloober Team have started teasing their next game, the affected video and hashtags for which seem to suggest a sequel to their 2017 cyberpunk horror game Observer.


There’s a few things that lead us to this assumption. Firstly, you have the hastags #cyberpunk and #horrorgame, both of which describe the original game, then you have the text of the tweet with the leading angle bracket and trailing underscore that mimics the stylised form of the original’s title, >observer_. The final dead giveaway is the cubic logo of the fictional Chiron Incorporated company from the first game.

So, it’s pretty safe to say that an Observer sequel is on the way.

Having jumped back and forth between genres for the first eight years of their existence, Bloober Team have settled into crafting a string of psychological horror games since their popular 2016 game Layers of Fear, following an artist as they struggled with a torturous mental block. That was followed by the cyberpunk styled Observer in 2017, before last year saw them tackle acting and arts in Layers of Fear 2 and create an original tale in the Blair Witch universe. It seems they’re sticking with their guns as we head into a new decade.

Tuffcub’s been on review duty for most of their recent games, and while there have been some misses, Observer was one that he had no short amount of praise for. In our review he said, “If you don’t like ‘walking sims’ then Observer isn’t going to change your mind, even if it does include some rudimentary detective work. However, if you like to be swept away by a story and pulled in to a world where every door has a new experience behind it, then close the curtains, turn off the lights, crank up the surround sound and immerse yourself in this great cyberpunk horror tale.”

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  1. Observer was really good, they had excellent ideas in there, it was much more creative and special than many AAA productions. I also liked it better than Layers of fear. I currently even use the Observer theme on my main account on the PS4.
    So, this is good news, it’s on my watch list.

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