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Temtem update live with fixes, breaks Steam Top 25

There’s a good chance you will have heard of Temtem by now. Since the beginning of the year this indie MMO from developer Crema has continued to crop up in headlines, mimicking a certain power-selling video game series.

After some earlier tests Temtem finally hit Steam earlier this week, launching in early access at a price of £27.99. Whether it’s a single screenshot or a five second clip of footage, it’s clear to see where this turn based roleplaying game draws its inspiration from.

Instead of being branded as a shameless Pokemon rip-off, the response to Temtem has been largely positive in the days since its launch. While we have no numbers in terms of sales, this early build of the game is currently in Steam’s top 25 most played titles according to stat tracking site Steam Charts with a peak of around 30,000 active players.

As with any online game, Temtem has had a somewhat rocky launch week, Crema providing a constant feed of information regarding the status of its servers. The team has just rolled out a new update that includes the following fixes and balances:


  • Fixed not receiving the surfboard in the Beached Narwhal quest after delivering a Toxolotl.
  • Fixed errors when changing the Squad order while they were being healed.
  • The Tamer Info screen can now be closed even when there’s an error and it doesn’t display information.
  • Fixed some interactions between moving platforms and opening eggs.
  • Fixed Name Reservation missing icon.
  • Fixed some dialogs.


  • Increased the price for all breeding gears.

Since the glory days of Pokemon Red and Blue back on the original Game Boy, there has been no shortage of imitators, not to mention straight up clones or modded versions of these world-beating, monster-collecting RPGs. 

Although it shares that same core DNA, Temtem is looking to set itself apart with a bigger emphasis on community and online play. Not only can you experience the adventure in co-op, you’ll also see other players milling about the game world communicating with each other.

Temtem is only available on PC right now (both on Steam and Humble Bundle) though there are plans to bring the game to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One as well.

Source: Temtem Official Website

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