Code Vein update 1.30 patch notes are out, read them here

Bandai Namco has pushed out a new update for Code Vein ahead of the first batch of DLC that is coming to the game. According to TrueAchievements that first pack is called Hellfire Knight and is expected to release tomorrow, though that is yet to be officially confirmed. All we know is that there are three Code Vein DLCs expected and will be accessible via the game’s season pass.

What has been confirmed though are the brief patch notes for update 1.30 which rolled out to platforms earlier today. You can check out the notes below.


Code Vein 1.30 Patch Notes:

  • It is possible to move to the mistles in the depths field with “Teleport” in the mistle menu.
  • The reviving rule of the boss enemy in the depths field is changed.
  • Rest at Mistle”, “Using an item to return to Mistle or Gift” can revive the boss enemy.
  • During the multi-player mode, the time until the multi-player finishes immediately after defeating a boss is extended against some bosses in the normal fields and the boss in the depths field.

When Miguel reviewed Code Vein, aka Anime Souls, he wrote:

Code Vein is addictive, yet frustrating. It’s promising, yet unpolished. There are a lot of interesting ideas here that come together to craft a unique and engaging experience. I just wish that the flaws here weren’t so glaring, because they keep Code Vein from being a great game instead of just a good one.
You can read the full Code Vein review here.
Source: Bandai Namco 
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