February 2020’s PlayStation Plus have been revealed [Updated]

UPDATE: The February PlayStation Plus games have been revealed and they are Firewall Zero Hour, The Sims 4, and Bioshock: The Collection!

Yep, you read that right, three games, one exclusively for PlayStation VR owners. This will be the third time the Bioshock games have been on PlayStation Plus, as Bioshock 2 and Infinite were on the service in the days of PlayStation 3.


Here’s more from Sony:

BioShock: The Collection

From the undersea city of Rapture to the airborne metropolis of Columbia, BioShock: The Collection takes players on monumental journeys through awe-inspiring, deceptively dangerous places that are simply unforgettable. BioShock: The Collection features all three games in this award-winning series – BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite – remastered in 1080p, including all single-player add-on content.

The Sims 4

The Sims is celebrating its 20th birthday this February, and you’re invited to join the party! Now’s your chance to play with life in The Sims 4, where you can unleash your imagination and create Sims in a unique world that’s an expression of you.

Firewall Zero Hour (PlayStation VR required)

Become a hired contractor and expertly seize – or protect – sensitive information from opposing teams in Firewall Zero Hour, a 4v4 tactical shooter developed exclusively for PS VR. Dive straight into these intense multiplayer battles when Firewall Zero Hour’s new season – Operation: Black Dawn – also begins 4th February, featuring a new map (Oil Rig) available for all players, and other free content!

Original story follows.

The days have flown by and it’s almost time for Nathan Drake and, er, a goat, to leave the PlayStation Plus service so they can be replaced by someone new. Sony should be revealing the February PlayStation Plus games at 4.30pm this afternoon but PlayStation Spain have already posted a tease.

In a comment on their YouTube channel they posted “Mañana a las 17:30 anunciamos los juegos de PS PLUS del mes de febrero. ¿Cuáles crees que serán? Una pista, uno de ellos es una saga muy conocida,” which translates to  “Tomorrow at 17:30 we announce the PS PLUS games of the month of February. What do you think they will be? A clue, one of them is a well-known saga.”

The post ends with a picture of Crash Bandicoot jumping in the air which has got some punters thinking that one of the games would be the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. That seems rather too obvious to me and I would not call the Crash games a ‘saga’. It’s also worth remembering that Sony usually offer a game that is of generally high quality but one that has not sold millions recently and Crash sold by the bucketload. That’s also the reason why God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn are unlikely to ever turn up on PlayStation Plus, everyone already owns them.

So what games could be classed as a saga? The Witcher 3 would be a good choice but lots of people own that already so it fails my test, we’ve already had Metal Gear, and Batman, but what about Mass Effect: Andromeda? Shadow Of The Tomb Raider would be another good call, or perhaps the final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Sony do like giving away Telltale games on PlayStation Plus.

What are your guesses for this month’s games? Let us know in the comments and come back at 4.30pm GMT for the big reveal!

The January games, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator, are still available to download for another week. You can use the link below to get both titles from the PlayStation Store and queue them up ready to download.

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  1. Dragon Age Inquisition.

    Will be bummed if it’s that.

    Would like Skyrim, though I got the platinum on it on ps3.

  2. Banner Saga… ?

  3. So 2 games i already own and one i don’t have the equipment for….Yay!!!

  4. I have Sims and Bioshock but that is some haul for people that don’t. Bioshock in particular is a great set of games.

    Don’t have Firewall and was tempted so that’s good. Gives me an excuse to get out the VR again.

  5. Another month with nothing for me. And Sims 4 is on EA Access, so anyone with that runs into the problem of not being able to get it on PS+ if they’ve already downloaded it from there. You can’t have more than 1 license for a game, so you’re kind of forced into keeping all possible subscriptions (PS+/PSNow/EA Access). And you can’t buy it either if it’s on a service you’ve got a subscription for.

    They really need to stop putting things on multiple services at once.

    Nice to see a VR game though, even if I’ve already got it. And it was kind of inevitable some people would complain they haven’t got PSVR, even though it’s just a bonus game and you still get the normal pair of PS+ games.

    PS+ was still better when we had the 6 games though.

    • That a weird one, does the one license rule apply across all digital services? I’m kind of addicted to buying games I love in the Steam sales and never playing them!
      I also may be the only one who wants to play Bioshock but never has, so onto the backlog pile that goes.

      • Yes, it applies to PS+, PS Now, EA Access and just buying things from the store. If you have a license for a game, you can’t obtain another. It just gives you the option to download it.

        It’s actually a bit more confusing than that. If something is on PS Now, and you haven’t obtained the license from the PS Now app, you can buy it in the store. If you’ve already played it from PS Now, you can’t until your PS Now subscription runs out. And if it happens to be on PS+ while you’ve got a PS Now subscription, you can’t get a PS+ license for it. So you’re stuck with only having it while you’ve got an active PS Now subscription (or it’s removed from PS Now, at which point you should be able to buy it on the store).

        With EA Access, you can’t even buy a game that’s on that service. They all show up as free and you go through the normal store process and get a discount. Same as with PS+

        And once you obtain a license in whichever way, that’s it. You can’t change the license, or buy it again in anyway, unless the license expires because you stop subscribing.

        People seemed to first realise when Steep was on PS+ after being on PS Now. I first ran into it with Sniper Elite 4, which I’d played on PS Now (quite a fun game) and then couldn’t get on PS+ as I’d already got a license.

        And to complicate things further, PS+ licenses possibly don’t actually end when your subscription ends. You can’t play the games, obviously, buy you also can’t buy them again as it thinks you still “own” the game.

        Bit of a mess, really. And not much incentive for Sony to do anything about it if the solution is “keep subscribing and you can keep playing”.

  6. Good month for me. Loved Bioshock wouldn’t mind replaying all 3 again plus DLC that is a bonus!
    Sims 4 for the wifey so that is welcome.
    Already owned Firewall and those who have VR and not played the game are in for a real treat!

  7. A warning for anyone who hasn’t played the Bioshock Collection…

    There’s a weird problem with saving for the first 2 games (Infinite is a separate thing, so it doesn’t affect that). There’s a limit on how much space your saved games can take up. About half a gig between the 2 games. You can happily use up that much playing the first game, and then run into a problem the first time the second game tries to save. And then you can’t save until you delete some. So be very careful and don’t make multiple saves.

  8. Looking forward to trying out Firewall Zero Hour, that sounds like a fun one.

  9. 3 games is nice, although I’m currently not too tempted to play any of these (I played all Bioshock games on PS3 already). Is this a hint there may be a new Bioshock game as a PS5 (timed) exclusive launch title?

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