Check out the reveal of Corruption 2029 – a brand new strategy game from the Mutant Year Zero devs

After 2018’s tactical sleeper hit Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Swedish developer The Bearded Ladies have announced the arrival of their next futuristic strategy title in the shape of Corruption 2029. And the best thing? It releases in less than two weeks!

Set in a dystopian future – well, there’s no point in it being an idyllic future is there? – Corruption 2029 sees players commanding a squad of heavily augmented soldiers on a deadly mission to infiltrate an inhuman regime. In the course of the game you’ll discover the cause of the titular corruption that’s ruined America – who knows if it rhymes with plump – and presumably fix it by carefully shooting lots of bad guys while aiming not to get shot yourself.

Much like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden it looks as though the core of the game will revolve around tactical, cover-based combat and stealth, buoyed by an array of different weapons and character skills. The trailer showcases a number of suitably futuristic character designs, and given how well Mutant Year Zero tied together narrative and gameplay while populating the game with interesting characters, tactical strategy fans should be deeply excited.

Corruption 2029 will release on the 17th of February for Windows PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store, priced £15.99 in the UK, $19.95 in the US and 19.99 Euros in the rest of Europe. If you’re the sort to grab things the moment you hear about them you can pre-order it right now.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was a fantastic surprise when it originally launched in 2018, bringing a moving tale of mutant survival and tactical strategy set to an awesome synthwave soundtrack. After a successful appearance on PC it’s since made the transition to console, appearing on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In fact, if you happen to have Xbox Gamepass you can check it out right now (and you really should).

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