Paper Beast’s newest trailer shows the VR title’s Sandbox mode

It was April last year that Pixel Reef, the studio founded by Eric Chahi of Another World and From Dust fame, revealed its VR title Paper Beast. This puzzle puts players in a world where creatures have evolved from code and forgotten data, and the mysteries of it are for the player to discover. That is in the story part of the game, but now Pixel Reef has revealed Paper Beast’s Sandbox mode.


This Sandbox mode will is essentially a god mode where players can manipulate the environment, the weather, and the world physics which then shapes how the beasts evolve. Players will have almost total freedom to experiment with how they wish in this mode. Speaking about the Sandbox mode Eric Chahi said:

“The Sandbox mode is the place for players’ creativity and experimentation. Imagine creatures creating dams and diverting water, but what happens if you freeze the water? It’s up to you to find out. For our part, we’ve discovered a lot of emergent behaviour while playing. I’m sure the gaming community will surprise us!”

Paper Beast is expected to release in Q1 2020 for PSVR.

Source: Press Release

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