10 big changes coming in The Division 2: Warlords of New York

We’re just a few weeks away from celebrating The Division 2’s first birthday, and it’s fair to say a lot has changed over the past twelve months with some major reworks, dollops of fresh content and the series’ first ever raid. But, there’s still plenty to come for this sequel.


That’s right, Ubisoft are getting ready to blow out the candles in style by dropping a major expansion: Warlords of New York. Following this latest announcement, here are 10 big changes coming to The Division 2 in 2020…

Warlords of New York

When it launches on March 3rd, Warlords of New York will be taking Agents back to New York City or, more specifically, lower Manhattan. This new map will be covered in a fog of war that players able to explore at their own pace without worrying about areas being level gated.

Commence the manhunt

Main antagonist Aaron Keener has been circling the periphery for a while now. Set eight months after the outbreak, Warlords of New York will have you chasing down the man himself. At his side are four powerful Warlords, each reigning over their own patch of turf. Expect these boss battles to be the most dynamic and exciting The Division 2 has to offer.

Four new Skills

Taking down one of the Warlords will give you access to their high tech gadgets. This expansion introduces four new Agent skills, complete with mods. While details are a little thin, two of the skills we’ve seen so far include a decoy hologram and stick bomb launcher.

Familiar Faces

Keener isn’t the only familiar face you’ll encounter while stalking the streets of Manhattan. Agent Faye Lau rejoins the fight as well as Roy Benitez and Paul Rhodes. Fans will be happy to hear that factions from the original Division are still causing mayhem including the Cleaners and Rikers, but Massive promises they’ll pose a threat to players with new “upgraded, mutated versions” among the rank and file grunts.

Google Stadia

Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division 2 will be making its way to Google Stadia in “late March”. This version of the loot shooter sequel will have the Warlords of New York expansion available from the get go.

Battle Pass “Seasons”

The Division 2 will soon launch Seasons, yet another spin on the battle pass style progression system. This will work in a similar way to other games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Modern Warfare, showering Agents with bonus rewards as they complete challenges, level up, and unlock new tiers. Those who pony up the cash for a Season Pass will have access to a premium track on the loot table with even more goodies up for grabs.

A second Raid

The Foundry is Division 2’s second raid, and fans will be eagerly awaiting more information. It’s due out sometime in the coming months and, according to Massive, will be more challenging and dynamic than Operation Dark Hours. There will be two versions available to test yourself and your team against – one for Agents at level 30 and one for those at level 40.

Increased level cap

That’s right, The Division 2 will soon have an increased level cap, but only for those who return to NYC. Even after reaching level 40 your Agent will continue to grow with each XP milestone thanks to the implementation of an “infinite” progression system. Instead of receiving gear caches, you’ll get points that can be spent on upgrading core attributes from weapon damage to hazard protection. These SHD points can also be spent on crafting components.

Loot overhaul

Massive also wants to hone in on those RPG elements that support The Division 2’s core gameplay. RNG and a bloated, often complex loot system are issues the studio is looking to address. The process of gathering and comparing equipment will be vastly streamlined in an upcoming update that will also see so-called god rolls churning out exciting new guns and armour to equip.

Improved Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is arguably one of the series’ defining features, though it hasn’t seen much action since Ubisoft launched The Division 2. Major upcoming changes will make it far more enticing with better rewards and a focus on player interactions that goes beyond simply killing each other.

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