The Sims 4 1.23 update adds Maxis Curated filter on consoles

EA Maxis has released a new update for The Sims 4 on consoles which is numbered 1.23. This patch is a small one that addresses crashes in the Build mode and also brings the Maxis Curated filter to the gallery where creations that have caught the eyes of the development team are showcased. Prices will also now be shown in-game instead of requiring players to go to a particular product page outside of The Sims 4.

Full patch notes for update 1.23 are below:

  • Fixed some crashes that were occurring in Build Mode
  • The Maxis Curated filter in The Gallery will show the creations that have been carefully selected and reviewed and put in the spotlight.
  • We noticed that the pack detail pages weren’t showing pricing and sale information unless you went to the store pages. Now you can review the pricing information for the packs without leaving the game.

The Sims 4 is available for PS Plus subscribers this month alongside BioShock: The Collection, and you can download them from here. When the base Sims 4 was released in 2014 Sam wrote in our review that it was …” entertaining, addictive, and saps away hours at a time without notice”. There were some issues but some of those have been ironed out over the years.  There have also been a number of expansion packs released over the years for The Sims 4, which aren’t included with the PS Plus download. The most recent of those expansions is Discover University. In our review for that Jonny wrote:

New additions and returning favourites make Discover University a very strong offering, despite being the eighth expansion pack for The Sims 4. It improves on previous university-themed expansions but doesn’t quite achieve the lively atmosphere of other DLC packs available for a similar price. A strong recommendation for hardcore Sims fans, but not a must-buy.
You can read the full review here.
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