Next Crash Team Racing Grand Prix will be its last

Some bittersweet news for you Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled fans out there. Activision and Beenox have announced that the next Grand Prix event will be its last.


In an official blog post, the developer has outlined its future plans for the popular kart racer while also reflecting on the oodles of content added to the remake since its launch last June.

Themed Grand Prix events have been running back to back, the next one being CTR’s eight and last. Each of them have introduced a wealth of new customisation options as well as new, original tracks, and even game modes.

This doesn’t mean that Beenox is done supporting the game, however. Instead, Nitro-Fueled will shift away from seasons and the previous battle pass progression system. Instead, players will be given a new daily, weekly, and monthly challenges spread across all modes of play. These will vary in difficulty and can be cashed in for Wumpa Coins.

These can then be spent on Pit Stop purchases with the option to refresh what wares are on offer twice a day. Karts, characters, and other cosmetics will return from previous Grand Prix seasons and Beenox has promised that even more new items are coming.

It’s a welcome, logical change in direction for Nitro-Fueled. Although each season came and went rather rapidly, each one beefed up the game’s overall value. In total there have been 51 characters, 40 karts, 40 tracks, and 321 characters skins included in-game.

In a way it’s good news for players, too. Although seasons and the battle pass lead to event periods where it’s easy to find online races, it relieves the pressure to slave away at challenges, grinding out points to unlock those time-limited items.

Source: Official Beenox Blog

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