Sony wants to celebrate with the PlayStation Players Celebration

Sony wants to celebrate the fact that over the last six years over 100 million players have experienced various PS4 titles. To do that it is starting the PlayStation Player Celebration which are community challenges that will unlock avatars and themes should they be completed. It is pretty simple to join. First, you go to the Player Celebration page and then you click to sign up to join the club. You have until the 24th of February to sign up before stage one begins.


The Stage One goals are as follows for the entire community. The first is to play 125,000 games and the second is to earn 500,000 trophies. Multiplayer trophies count as two but there is also a limit with players only able to contribute six trophies in total per day. After stage one is completed stage two immediately begins. Here, the community needs to earn 1.5 million trophies and have played 375,000 games. Once stage two ends then the third and final stage begins. In this stage the community needs to play 675,000 games and have earned 2.7 million trophies. As each goal is reached players will receive a notification on the PS4.

That is not all though. A few lucky people will win a PlayStation kit which includes a real life Platinum Trophy with your PSN engraved in it. Details below:

By signing up, you’ll also have the chance to win an exclusive PlayStation kit, which includes a real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophy engraved with your PSN ID, a £75/€90 Euro/6,100 Russian Ruble PlayStation Store voucher, and voucher codes for a selection of our greatest PS4 games. To win, you’ll also need to answer a question at on 17th March, 2020 at 11am GMT / 12pm CET. The first two correct answers will be selected as winners. See the official rules for details.

Set those alarms now for that question.

Source: PS Blog

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