Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighting in the Nineties tournament kicking off this weekend

Nintendo has announced the next tournament that will be taking place in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and this one will be a throwback. The tournament is called Fighting in the Nineties and it will solely feature characters and stages that were originally made in the 1990s. The prize for doing well in this tournament are spirits with further progressing giving better prizes.


The tournament will begin on February 21st and will last for three days, so plenty of time to get involved in some of the 90s inspired fighting. In our review for Super Smash Bros Ultimate Jason wrote:

Smash Bros. has often felt a bit like it was trying to do too much and while it has always been a fun series, the disparity between the fighting game and the party game didn’t always mesh well. Ultimate is the perfect fusion of the two styles. There are countless additions to it as a fighting game to keep the competitive players happy, but the new items and features make the party game the most exciting it could be. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate feels like one of the best written love letters to gaming that there has ever been, the care and attention given to each of the games represented is incredible. This is quite simply a must-play game, one that will keep you going for hundreds of hours with its single player alone, and with multiplayer that will keep you going for thousands.

You can read the full review here. Recently, there were rumours that Crash Bandicoot would be one of the new characters that will be revealed for the most recent character pack. Byleth was the first of the characters revealed and released of the latest pack but there have been no announcements since then.

Source: Nintendo Twitter account

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