Minecraft Earth’s Boost Minis are little NFC toys for the mobile game

Mattel and Mojang are having their own take on toys to life through a collection called Boost Minis for the mobile title Minecraft Earth. There are a number of different characters including Creepers, Steve, chickens, and dolphins. In total there are 20 of these figures to collect and each one will unlock power-ups and rewards in the game. Each of these boosts is supposed to cost $5 each.


Here is what Nic thought of Minecraft Earth when he had a go:

So, with the massive caveat that this is an Early Access game and still very much subject to change, is Minecraft Earth the kind of game you should be excited about? Pretty much the answer is the same as the answer to this: do you like Minecraft and being outdoors? Because as revolutionary as Microsoft may want it to be, it is only going to appeal to a very specific group of players. It’s a game that diehard fans will love and be able to eke every ounce of fun out of.

The most interesting thing I’ve seen so far is clip of someone standing at the bottom of a staircase and testing the verticality of the game (AKA The Staircase Problem). They built a block under their feet while climbing a spiral staircase to see what would happen. Spoiler warning: they went up, which was cool, but when that’s the most interesting thing I can tell you, you’re not exactly in for a wild ride.

You can read the full Minecraft Earth article here.

Source: Kotaku 

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