Minecraft Earth gameplay revealed, mixes Pokémon GO with Minecraft Hololens

I have no interest in Minecraft and even less in Pokémon GO but this gameplay trailer for Minecraft Earth looks rather intriguing.

The video explains the game really well, the first stage is you usual run-around-the-neighbourhod section where you collect Minecraft ‘tappables’ to use and these help you level up.You can then put down a building base and use your blocks to create anything you like.


Effects such as fire and water work as you would expect and there are creatures such as pigs and bears, you will be able to “breed unique variants” of these. You can also invite other players in to your game to help with construction, those players can add to your creation but can also take items away, so only build with your nicest friends.

“Create and build on any flat surface in tabletop mode with 3D holograms,” says the official site, blatantly getting holograms wrong.

Here’s where it gets interesting; When you have finished you can place your entire creation in the real world in life size, so if you build a nice house you can walk in to it.

The Minecraft Earth closed beta will be starting within the two weeks for iOS devices and you can still sign up for that here, “the number of participants will be limited but we anticipate it rolling out to hundreds of thousands of players,” say Mojang. When it launches Minecraft Earth will be free to play and will also be available for Android devices, there will be a beta for those as well but that will be later this summer.

However, you are going to need a Microsoft or Xbox Live account, both of which you can sign up for free. These allow you to track your progress and save both builds and inventory to your profile.

Source: YouTube

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