Konami Code creator Kazuhisa Hashimoto passes away at 61

The Konami Code is one of the most iconic elements of the video games industry, and it was Kazuhisa Hashimoto who first brought it into the world. Today the news broke that he has passed away at the age of 61. From its origins in Gradius the Konami Code has become a staple of games including a lot of Konami’s titles as well as dozens of other games from other developers to change some elements of the game. In Rocket League it would change the main menu design, in BioShock Infinite it would unlock the 1999 mode, and it was also temporarily active in Fortnite following the black hole event to access a mini-game.

The Konami Code has extended to outside video games with major brands using it for their own little secrets. From Netflix to Google, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa there are all secrets when you enter the code or speak the code to your smart devices. The code has appeared in films like Wreck-It Ralph too.

So, here’s to you Kazuhisa Hashimoto. You may have passed from our world but your legacy will live on. Our thoughts and sympathies go to his family and friends.

Source: Twitter

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