The March PlayStation Plus games have been revealed [Updated]

Updated 16:30 – The PlayStation Plus line up for March has been revealed and the leaks out of PlayStation Poland were bang on the money. The Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake and Sonic Forces are your PS+ games from 3rd March.

So what do you think of the coming month’s offering? Let us know in the comments below.

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It’s about this time of the day when we sit down with a nice cup of coffee and some biscuits and discuss what might be coming to PlayStation Plus next month. However PlayStation Poland may have spoiled our rampant and totally misguided guesses as it seems they may have revealed the games already.

A poster over on ResetEra spotted the advert above on a Polish gaming site which shows Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces as the free games for March 2020.

Released back in January 2018 the remake of Shadow of the Colossus scored a magnificent 10/10 in our review. 

“Shadow of the Colossus isn’t necessarily a game that needed to be remade in such an elaborate fashion, and yet, I’m so glad that it has been,” said Tef. “Bluepoint’s remake of this sublime and poignant adventure is phenomenal, both managing to stay utterly true to the original and bringing it up to date in glorious fashion.”

Unfortunately Sonic Forces did not score as well, just 6/10 way back in November 2017.

“The saying ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ certainly rings true with Sonic Forces,” we said in our review. “It’s a game where despite it’s many level types none of them quite leave a lasting impression. As a result, it comes off as merely average in all departments with the sole exception being the visual design. Sonic Forces is far from the train wreck that Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was, but it doesn’t come close to reigniting  the series’ magic in the way Sonic Mania did.”

We should have official confirmation of the games at 4.30pm today, stay tuned.

Don’t forget the February 2020 PlayStation Plus games are still available for subscribers to grab from the store. The games are BioShock Collection which features the original BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite and all of the game’s DLC. Joining that collection is The Sims 4 so you can live your best or worst Sim life. As a bonus this month there’s also a PSVR title as part of the line-up and that is Firewall Zero Hour.

Here are those download links.

Source: ResetEra, EU PS Blog

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  1. Bobbins.

  2. If it’s true (and it looks convincing enough), then it’s a bit shit, really. I guess a not-great Sonic game is worth a look. But remasters of things we’ve already had with PS+ really needs to stop.

  3. Will wait til 4:30pm but doesn’t matter as no game will pull me away from Hunt Showdown in March! (Doom on pre-ordered!!!) Got backlog as it is from Bioshock Trilogy along with other games…. dammit Hunt why you doing this to me!

  4. Shadow of Colossus is good but has been on Plus already and Sonic Heroes is kinda shit. Im working on my backlog anyway and have Persona 5 Royal and FF7 Remake lined up so whatever but still….

  5. If Plus continues like this, I’ll switch to XBox for next gen. The box looks much nicer, and I can also get rid of my annoying backlog at the same time..! :-)

    • The Xbox Series X looks nicer than… the crazy V-shaped PS5 dev kit that’s definitely not the final design?

      • Let’s just wait and see. What I saw of the PS5 so far is plain ugly. The XBox Series whatever it’s called looks very good.

      • Oh, I like the look of the XSX as well, but don’t judge a console by its dev kit. I mean, the original PS4 and PS4 Pro dev kits are basically server racks.

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