Path of Exile: Delirium expansion revealed, out in March

Grinding Gear Games has announced a new expansion for Path of Exile called Delirium, and this one is all about facing the nightmares in your character’s mind. Step through the mirror of Delirium and enter a realm where old enemies are stronger, and new enemies appear from the fog your character’s mind. These enemies will have a number of different modifiers applied with some creatures being very rare encounters, but each one can drop some very powerful loot. The further you go in the stronger the loot but the more dangerous the enemies.


Orbs of Delirium can be assigned to different maps with up to five being applicable at the same time. The more orbs you apply the more dangerous the encounter. Past battles can be refought with the orbs applied which increases the difficulty but also allows better loot to be dropped. Alongside all of this, Path of Exile: Delirium will also add 280 new notables so get ready for even bigger skill trees. Delirium will be available on March 13th.

Back in November, Grinding Gear Games confirmed that it was working on Path of Exile 2 which will 19 new ascendancy classes, a new gem system where support gems are socketed directly into skill gems, and new equipment. All purchased microtransactions from Path of Exile will be compatible with the sequel. A beta for Path of Exile is expected to be released later this year. A Path of Exile mobile spin-off is also in the works and will not feature any pay to win elements.

Source: Grinding Gear Games

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