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Path of Exile 2, Path of Exile Mobile and new DLC revealed

Overnight the Path of Exile themed conference ExileCon kicked off and there were a number of announcements that were made. The biggest announcement was the reveal of Path of Exile 2 which is a new seven act storyline that runs parallel to the events of the first Path of Exile game, instead of being a continuation, and leads to the same Atlas endgame content. Path of Exile 2 will have 19 new ascendancy classes, a new gem system where support gems are socketed directly into skill gems, new equipment, and previously bought microtransactions will still be compatible as well. Path of Exile 2 is a long way from release with a beta expected in late 2020.

Path of Exile is not being left behind though. On December 13th update 3.9.0 will add the Conquerors of The Atlas content on PC, and a week later it will arrive on consoles. This new update will add five new endgame bosses, the conquerors that have gone mad, and a new ruleset. In this ruleset players start in the middle of the Atlas with only 50 maps available. Watchstones need to be earned from defeating the bosses to unlock different regions and level up their tiers. Support gem plus are also being added and are a more powerful version of support gems. Bow skills are also being reworked so the weapons are better than before. New items including rares will also be available,

Within the Conquerers of the Atlas update is a major new feature called Metamorph. In Metamorph players encounter a new NPC called Tane Octavius who is an alchemist. With the Metamorph League Tane will be on hand to collect samples from monsters you have killed in battle. These components can then be combined to create bosses to fight which could lead to better loot. The boss will keep changing form depending on which elements have been used to craft it. As you progress you can use elements from bosses to create even stronger foes.

Finally, mobile players have not been left out as Path of Exile: Mobile was revealed. It will be a complete Path of Exile experience created by Grinding Gear Games, and it will have no pay to win elements within it.

A release date is to be confirmed for the game.

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