Temtem roadmap reveals more creatures and features for 2020

The developers of popular creature tamer MMO, Temtem, have outlined their plans to expand the game beyond launch through 2020.

With the dust starting to settle, Crema posted their Temtem roadmap which promises more creatures, features, and areas to explore.


The studio plans to unveil a more comprehensive long term roadmap at some point today though this shortened version gives us an insight into what’s being worked on.

During the spring season Tamers can expect ranked matchmaking to go live, seeding the game’s competitive scene. According to Crema, players will need to compete in several placement matches before receiving their Tamer Matchmaking Rating. This will be used to help pair you off with opponents of a similar skill level.

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To optimise the competitive experience all Temtem will auto-scale when entering battle, beefing them up to max level (though only during matches). Crema has also stated that they won’t be obsessing over balance during this earliest iteration of matchmaking, seeing which team comps and strategies the community come up with.

As we push into the summer, more Temtem will be introduced with 25 in the pipeline and another 25 expected in the autumn. In this same time frame Tamers will also unlock two new islands to explore while Crema strengthens the overall game with new features such as in-game chat, clubs, a spectator mode, and in-game housing. Here’s some details on the latter:

Every Temtem player will be able to acquire a house since they won’t be limited in quantity. We’re designing the Atoll Row (the physical location where all houses will be built) to be infinite so you don’t need to worry about buying permits or land. Technology in the Archipelago is amazing!

There’s one thing you’ll need to worry about though, decorating your house! You will be able to decorate your house using furniture bought and earned in-game, and every furniture store in the Archipelago will open their doors and will showcase different furniture in each island (in a similar way as the boutiques with the clothing options).

You will also be able to invite other players over so you can gather around your dining table or join other player’s houses and check how they’re decorating them. While houses will keep a predominant decorative functionality, we have some ideas to include useful furniture too in the future (think of things like an incubator, a jukebox, a fruit tree…).

It sounds like there are some major improvements on the way and with Temtem having already sold over half a million copies, it’s quickly become one of the most talked about games of 2020.

Source: Crema

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