Hideo Kojima is to receive a BAFTA Fellowship

Hideo Kojima is without a doubt a titan in the game’s industry having been the driving force behind the Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders franchises, Policenauts, finding success with Death Stranding, and almost having a chance to work on Silent Hills before it got cancelled. When you pick up a game with Kojima’s name on it you know you’re in for a unique experience. As an industry veteran he has now been recognised by BAFTA which has today announced it will be awarding Hideo Kojima a Fellowship. A BAFTA Fellowship is the highest award that the organisation can give. Previous awardees from video games include Gabe Newell, Peter Molyneux, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Rockstar Games.

In a statement upon news of hearing about receiving the Fellowship Hideo Kojima said:


“Thank you very much for this precious BAFTA Fellowship award. I am very honored, and would like to take this moment to reflect on the many predecessors that came before me, as I deeply respect their contributions to entertainment, whether in movies, television, or games. I would also like to thank those who have supported me over the years and I will continue my commitment to creating new and innovative ways that will push the world of ‘play’ entertainment forward.”

On the BAFTA side Chief Executive of BAFTA Amanda Berry OBE said:

“I am delighted that we are recognising Hideo Kojima’s remarkable career with a BAFTA Fellowship, the highest accolade presented by the Academy, at the BAFTA Games Awards on Thursday 2 April. Kojima is the trailblazing creator behind multiple games and is revered around the world for his innovative work.”

While the Fellowship is the biggest award given by BAFTA it is not the only one. On March 3rd the organisation will be revealing the nominations for the 2020 BAFTA Games Awards, and those will be awarded on April 2nd.

Source: BAFTA

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