Stardew Valley is getting even more free content in update 1.5

If you love Stardew Valley’s slice of life farm management, then the trickle of updates and free new content will have been an absolute delight for you over the last few years. And it’s going to get better as developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone revealed on the game’s fourth anniversary that, yes, he’s working on yet another free content update.

The game recently celebrated selling its 10 millionth copy across PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, iOS and Android, but it’s been a regular delight to see how it’s evolved over time. After being ported to home console, Barone and his development partners at Chucklfish worked for months on adding in a multiplayer function, as well as more end game content and a slew of quality of life improvements.

The latest of these was Update 1.4, which added a movie theater to unlock, new 14-heart events for every possible spouse, new events and dialogues, more clothes and hair style options, Fish Ponds for fish farming, and a new Four Corners farm map designed specifically for co-op. That last point goes hand in hand with being able to now have separate pools of money in co-op, so you can play more independently.

An awful lot has changed since 2017, when Jim wrote our Stardew Valley console review, saying “The constant churn of daily activities may prove thankless and repetitive for those impatient and unwilling to immerse themselves, but if you surrender yourself to Stardew Valley and dig deeper beneath the surface you’ll find one of the best, most impactful games you’ll play this year, homage or not.”

You do just have to wonder just how long Barone plans to keep adding to hiw game. Then again, it was a passion project from the very start, so there’s a clear love for his creation and the genre.

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