Stellaris’ diplomatic Federations expansion is out in March

Paradox Interactive’s interstellar grand strategy game Stellaris is getting all diplomatic with its upcoming Federations expansion. The company have now confirmed a 17th March release date for the DLC on PC.


Federations is all about the diplomatic side of the galactic 4X game, with several new redesigned game mechanics based around the galactic community and beefing up the Federations already available in the game.

Federations expands your diplomatic capabilities, letting you foster internal cohesion between a federations members. You also have new types of federations to create or join, with a Trade League, Martial Alliance or Hegemony.

Meanwhile the Galactic Community is like a senate or interstellar UN. You can collectively vote on resolutions and push different agendas, as well as sanction those who defy its rule. You’ll be able to try and set yourself up as a leader, with political favours and a bit of scheming. You know, just like in politics!

Aside from this there’s new Origins, which let you create a deeper back story for your empire that alters the starting conditions. Void Dwellers live in orbit, having abandoned their homeworld, while others worship a Tree of Life that must be protected at all costs.

And then there’s the new contructions, like the Juggernaut, a large mobile starbase that can support and rebuild your fleets, and the Mega Shipyard, a megastructure that will spit out fleets like crazy.

As always, this expansion is coming to PC now with a likely console release down the line. The console versions of Stellaris lag behind with a separate development team gradually bringing through the previous expansions. The first of these, Utopia, launched for PS4 and Xbox One back in August 2019, adding to what we called, “a solid port of what is easily Paradox Interactive’s most accessible grand strategy game.”

Source: press release

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