Explore Paper Beast’s immersive ecosystem in PSVR later this month

Pixel Reef, the studio founded by Eric Chahi of Another World and From Dust fame, have announced today that their upcoming VR game Paper Beast will be coming out for PSVR on 24th March.


Having been revealed back in April 2019, the game is described as a VR ecosystem. It’s populated by creatures seemingly made out of paper, though they are narratively the result of big data. Delving into the memory banks of a data server, an ecosystem of these creatures, made up of lost code and forgotten algorithms, have gained a semblance of life.

You can step into this world through PSVR, exploring and witnessing how the different creatures react. You can even interact, using PS Move to grab them from a distance, shackle them, manipulate the sandy dunes, grow paper trees, and more. The game features both a narrative adventure mode to play through and a sandbox mode, where you’re free to manipulate the environment, weather and world physics, which goes on to shape how the beasts evolve.

Of the Sandbox mode, Eric Chahi explained:

“The Sandbox mode is the place for players’ creativity and experimentation. Imagine creatures creating dams and diverting water, but what happens if you freeze the water? It’s up to you to find out. For our part, we’ve discovered a lot of emergent behaviour while playing. I’m sure the gaming community will surprise us!”

We’re hoping the game will surprise us as well.

Source: Press release

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  1. Looks cool and the emergent behaviour sounds interesting

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