Rainbow Six Siege Oryx Operator Guide

I'm the Juggernaut, breach!

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 is now live with the launch of Operation Void Edge. For those who have been keeping up with the tactical Tom Clancy shooter, Ubisoft have once again expanded the game’s playable roster of Operators.

Following the game’s release in December 2015, we’ve come to expect two unique new additions to the ever-growing lineup with each season of content. While Ubisoft have confirmed that Operators will be introduced at half the pace in the not too distant future, for now we can enjoy the latest Void Edge duo: Oryx and Iana.


Having sampled both Operators at a recent preview event, we’re here to give you a quick breakdown of what to expect from Oryx including his unique abilities and some potential counters.

Oryx (Defender)

Name: Saif Al Hadid
Origin: Azraq, Jordan
Gadget: Remah Dash
Stats: Speed 2 / Armour 2
Primary Weapon: SPAS-12 Shotgun / MP5 Submachine Gun
Secondary Weapon: Bailiff 410 Handgun / VSP40 Handgun
Equipment: Barbed Wire / Bulletproof Camera

Remah Dash

The first thing you’ll notice about Oryx is that he doesn’t have a gadget unlike his Rainbow comrades. Instead he’s able to channel his inner strength, using the “Remah Dash” technique to charge down foes with a disorienting shunt attack. What’s more exciting is that the Remah Dash can also be used to break through walls (only effective on barricades and unreinforced walls). This alone makes Oryx a dangerous defender to go up against though, if used recklessly, a mistimed dash will leave him exposed.

This ability has an infinite number of uses though is limited by a cool down. On top of that, ramming walls will shave 10 hit points off each time, so you’ll need to use the Remah Dash wisely.


Counters include Nomad’s Airjab grenades as well as Gridlock’s Trax Stingers, both of which reduce Oryx’s charging capabilities. On the flip side, he’s a good choice is going up against shield wielding characters, especially Montagne. Even with his shield raised, Monty can be knocked prone by a successful dash. This can be followed up with a quick headshot or blast of the SPAS-12 though it takes a second for Oryx to equip his gun again after a sprint.


What makes Oryx even more fun to play as is his second party trick – the ability to climb through hatches. This works similarly to Amaru’s Garra Hook though with a couple of key differences. Oryx can only jump towards open hatches. Also, he has the option to climb, then peek around the floor above before deciding to pull himself up or drop back down. This gives the Operator better versatility while roaming though its a trick attackers will soon learn to watch out for.

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