Google Stadia won’t run Doom Eternal in true 4K, despite id saying it would

In yet another blow to Google Stadia’s 4K60 gaming credentials, id Software have today admitted that Doom Eternal will not run in full 4K on the game streaming platform, despite having stated that it would during the Stadia reveal press conference.

In a launch details blog post that dives into the specs and performance available on each platform, it’s revealed that the game will run at 1800p at 60fps and up-sample to 2160p.

Marty Stratton stated during Stadia’s reveal press conference that he was “thrilled to announce that the game will be capable of running at true 4K, with HDR colour, at an unrelenting 60 frames per second.”

I guess two out of three isn’t so bad?

Here’s how it stacks up against the various consoles:

  • Stadia – up-sampled to 2160p from 1800p @60 FPS
  • Xbox One X –up-sample to 4K (2160p) from 1800p @60 FPS
  • PlayStation 4 Pro –up-sampled to 4K (2160p) from 1440p @60 FPS
  • Xbox One and Xbox One S – up-sampled to 1080p @60 FPS from 900p
  • PlayStation 4 – 1080p @60 FPS

So, I’m sure you can spot the problem here. The stated level of performance is only going to match that found on the Xbox One X, despite having much more powerful and modern components in each streaming instance. The Xbox One X has a 6TF GPU, while Stadia has a semi-custom 10.7TF version of the Vega56. That should easily be able to outstrip the Xbox One X, especially with a much more powerful CPU alongside it, and yet it isn’t.

So what’s going on with Stadia? Well, it’s likely a mixture of things. id might be toning down certain graphical settings on consoles, while turning on some of those bells and whistles for higher visual fidelity on Stadia to match high end gaming PCs. There’s also plenty of unknowns about the software overhead found on Stadia, which is running a form of Linux and the Vulkan graphics API.

Looking at the PC Recommended specs, they state that the Vega56 GPU on Windows 10 should manage 1440p60, so Stadia is able to reduce the overhead compared to PC, but developers might not be able to get as close “to the metal” with their code on Stadia when compared to their experience with current consoles.

Whatever the reasons, it’s not a particularly good look for Google, whose platform has repeatedly struggled to deliver that promise of 4K60 gaming. Games like Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2, and Metro Exodus are nowhere near that promise, and now I guess we can add Doom Eternal to the list as being “close, but not quite there.”

Source: Bethesda

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  1. Silly old Stadia. It’s brilliant streaming tech, tethered to a silly company, and seemingly a silly bunch of tech at the other end. Or at least tech that isn’t living up to its hyped-up potential.

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