League of Legends European Championship Spring season postponed until further notice

The impact of COVID-19/coronavirus has led to the cancellation of another event now with the announcement that the League of Legends European Championship Spring season has been postponed until further notice. It has been stated that currently no member of the staff or players have tested positive for the virus, but there is suspicion that a staff member may have been exposed to it so is now under quarantine.


For those who cannot see the Tweet this the message is below:

In light of the uncertainty during the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic situation and in an abundance of caution, we’ve decided to err on the side of player and staff safety and suspend the LEC Spring Season until further notice. At this point in time, no member of the LEC staff or players has tested positive for COVID-19. However, we have reason to suspect an LEC staff member may have been exposed to the virus. This person is under quarantine and is being evaluation by health professionals. We will update everyone as soon as we have more information. 

The LEC Spring season is no the first event that has been changed today. Earlier, ReedPop announced it has postponed EGX Rezzed until summer and the Call of Duty League has been moved to online only. A couple of days ago E3 2020 was cancelled due to the risk posed by the virus. GDC 2020 has also been delayed and pushed back the summer as well. That event had already taken hits prior to the postponement due to companies like Sony removing themselves from it. We are likely to hear about more events getting cancelled over the next couple of weeks while coronavirus spreads. Outside of videogames, sports and businesses have been affected with many matches being cancelled and workers being told to work from home.

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