Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Banishing Ball guide

Capcom have continued to lavish love on its most successful game, as Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has today been patched with Title Update 3. It’s actually the update 13 for the game, but while that might be unlucky for some, dedicated hunters will find a wealth of new features and additions to the winning formula.

A key component of these is the new Banishing Ball. If you head to the Guiding Lands on an expedition, sometimes you’re faced with a monster you simply can’t be bothered with. Perhaps they’re just getting in the way of your actual target, or you want to force them to leave so something else appears.

Either way, this is a great tool for veteran hunters to make use of.

What is the Banishing Ball?

The Banishing Ball is an item that you can throw at an unwanted monster and get them to leave the current region! It’s currently only effective in the Guiding Lands – we can only dream of using it elsewhere – and can also only be used by quest leaders.

How to get a Banishing Ball

Getting a Banishing Ball is as simple as heading to the Elder Melder to meld one together for you. You’ll have to head to page four, where you’ll see that the Banishing Ball will set you back 100 Resource Points, as well as 50 Melding Points. On top of that, you can only craft them out of Fierce Dragonvein Bones, which come from large monsters in the Guiding Lands.

Since each bone is worth 10 Melding Points you’ll need five to meld one Banishing Ball. Complete the process and you’ve got your Banishing Balls – they look like yellow Tranq Bombs in your inventory.

Using the Banishing Ball

Now, if you’re out and about in the Guiding Lands and you’re the leader (we can’t have Banishing Ball anarchy), it’s as simple as choosing the ball from your inventory and tossing it at your unwanted monster, just like you would throw a Tranq Bomb at a monster you’re trying to capture.

They literally just run or fly away, with the message appearing that they’re going to leave the locale. It’s instantaneous, and leaves you to get on with hunting your actual prize, which could include the newly added Raging Brachydios or Furious Rajang since Title Update 3’s release.

That Rajang is horrendous by the way, since it’s always in its golden ‘angry’ form. Enjoy!

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