The Crew 2 Inner Driver update out, read the 1.6.0 patch notes here

A brand new update has been rolled out for The Crew 2 in the form of the Inner Driver content, and it adds a ton of vanity items. It also makes way for 20 new cars including the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and the KOENIGSEGG Jesko. There have been a ton of fixest to the handling, events and games physics. You can read all the patch notes for patch 1.6.0 below.

The Crew 2 Inner Driver 1.6.0 patch notes



• [Add] Added 4 new vanity types: Custom Nitro, Horns, Window Tints, 2D Emotes.
• [Add] 85 new vanity items – to be released on a weekly basis through the shop or as LIVE Summit rewards.


o 11 Custom Nitros
o 17 Horns
o 6 Window Tints
o 23 2D Emotes
o 4 Smokes
o 12 Tires
o 12 Underglows

• [Add] 20 additional items will be automatically gifted to players when the update goes live:

o 10 2D Emotes
o 10 Horns

• [Fixed] Fixed an issue where planes’ smoke would appear desaturated.


• [Add] 15 New LIVE Summits with their associated activities & rewards.

o Keep track of upcoming LIVE Summits at

• [Fixed] “Loaned Vehicle” mention now correctly appears in the LIVE Summit leaderboards when applicable.
• [Fixed] Fixed an issue where non-Icon players could not claim their LIVE Summit rewards (this only applies to certain specific LIVE Summits, such as Open Days).
• [Fixed] The date on the reward screen is now that of the current LIVE Summit, rather than that of the completed LIVE Summit.
• [Fixed] Fixed an issue where the LIVE Summit billboard would not update instantly after claiming rewards.


• [Add] New MAIN MENU layout.

o Avatar and last used vehicle displayed.
o Crew mates’ avatars displayed, if you are playing in a Crew.
o Ability to start a Crew straight from the main menu.
o Centralised Pilot, Vehicles, and Hobbies (Coming Soon) tabs.

• [Improved] Vehicle customization can now be accessed directly from the Vehicle menu.
• [Add] New menu music.
• [Add] In the Audio Options, Music and Radio now have individual volume controls.
• [Improved] In the Icon Points menu, Icon Points can now be spent in batches of 5.
• [Improved] New activity order in Activities menu: now ordered by release date.


• [Add] Brand new avatars: we have completely reworked avatar character models & animations. Upon launching the game for the first time after the patch, you will be required to select your new avatar before you can continue. Please note: like with the old avatars, once selected your new avatar cannot be changed. Choose wisely!
• [Improved] Avatars are now animated in avatar selection and menus.
• [Improved] New avatar Fame upgrade motions.
• [Add] Default third-person view and controls in House and HQs.
• [Improved] All TC2 outfits are now free to apply (except those related to Uplay / ingame rewards).


• [Add] New boot menu music.
• [Improved] Updated boot menu video.


• [Add] New Bundle types, including vanity & vehicle combos: don’t fancy yourself a tuner but still want to drive something classier than a stock model? Not to worry, you’ll now be able to purchase fully customized vehicles with our new Vehicle & Vanity bundles!

o 1st Vehicle & Vanity bundle: Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2020)

• [Add] Exclusive vehicles visible in the Shop now display where they can be obtained/won.


• [Add] “Extra Pump” Affix added to the pool of available Affixes for Drag Race.
• [Add] “Drifty” Affix added to the pool of available Affixes for Hovercraft.



• [Add] 20 New Vehicles, including:

o Shop additions

• Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2020) – Street Race (available March 25)
• KOENIGSEGG Jesko (2020) – Hypercar (available March 25)

o Elite Bundle 4 (available April 8)

• Ferrari Enzo Ferrari (2002) – Hypercar
• Lamborghini Diablo GT (1999) – Street Race
• Proto Alpha Mark X (2020) – Alpha Grand Prix

o LIVE Summit rewards

• TVR Griffith (2017) – Peppermint Edition – Street Race (Summit beg. April 1)

o Additions to existing disciplines

• Touring Bikes coming to the TC discipline.

o & more to be revealed on a regular basis!

• [Fixed] The Lamborghini Veneno speedometer sometimes appeared zoomed in.
• [Fixed] Mud & snow is now properly displayed when opening the vehicles menu.


• [Fixed] Airplanes benchmark top speed should now be more accurate.
• [Fixed] Some cases of hiccups on jump ramps should no longer occur.
• [Fixed] Tires sinking into the ground during high speed turns.
• [Fixed] Wheels getting stuck underground on some heavy landings.
• [Fixed] Bikes drifting away during some previews and cinematics.
• [Fixed] Some cases of unstable obstacles.


• [Add] Air Nitro: nitro boost can now be used in air along with finer air control (N/A to planes or helicopter). The objective is to re-incentivise the use of ramps and terrain on ground tracks.
• [Improved] Vehicle slowdown when driving off-road or in water should be more consistent across the whole line-up. The intention is that vehicles from off-road disciplines should now be more competitive, in line with what was initially planned.
• [Improved] Boat collisions should now be smoother.
• [Improved] Boats steering in reverse should be more consistent.
• [Improved] Boats should have less involuntary nose-up tendencies, especially downstream.
• [Improved] Manoeuvring after being stopped by a wall should now be smoother.
• [Improved] Stair detection / Chassis response has been reworked to improve overall stability.
• [Improved] Landing behaviour has been improved on several vehicles.
• [Improved] Better steering, suspension and tire models on whole Street Race and Hypercar line-up.
• [Improved] New handling (previously known as Beta Handling) rolled out to entire Street Race roster, and additional tweaks to Hypercar balancing.
• [Improved] Slight tweaks to some Street Race and Hypercar follow-camera positions, for better consistency.
• [Improved] Handling and camera update on the BMW S1000RR (SR), Ducati Panigale R (SR) and KTM 1190 RC8 R (SR)
• [Fixed] Driveshaft misaligned on some vehicles.
• [Fixed] Some wheeled vehicles could be improperly controlled when afloat.
• [Improved] Interactable indicators (headlights, doors, etc) on vehicles in House & HQ will now be selected by default when zooming in from new third person view.


• [Improved] Opponents’ vehicles nitro.
• [Improved] Pass-bys for traffic and opponents.
• [Improved] Suspensions and landing sounds.
• [Improved] Tweaks on the limiter behaviour for all disciplines.
• [Improved] Kawasaki Ninja H2 (Street Race).
• [Improved] Nissan Skyline R34 (Rally Raid and Rally Cross).
• [Improved] Mix levels of some cars and bikes.



• [Fixed] Wheels snap to incorrect orientation in Video Mode and Photo Mode.



• [Add] Slight tweaks to AI behaviour.
• [Fixed] Demolition Derby Arenas: self-destructs no longer grant the destruction points to last opponent to hit.
• [Improved] MX Checkpoints to match new Air Nitro possibilities.
• [Improved] Ongoing investigations on BoT behaviour.


• [Improved] Character footsteps enhancements.
• [Improved] Radio flow. When ON, radios now also play in the menus.


• [Fixed] Invisible collision in the middle of a road between Salt Lake City and Chicago.



• [Fixed] The Crew Hub: Live Summit dates are now correct when accessing from North and South American time zones.
• [Add] The Crew Hub: Google Stadia can now be selected as a platform.


• [Add] New 2D Emotes interface, press down on the D-pad to access.
• [Add] Shortcut command to trigger “favourited” 2D Emote: double tap down on the D-pad.


• [Improved] Video audio renderer misc. fixes and optimization.

Source: Ubisoft

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