My Friend Pedro’s banana-hell of a sidescrolling shooter is out now for PlayStation 4

The hyperactive, acrobatic, slow-motion filled side-scrolling shooter My Friend Pedro is out now for PlayStation 4, complete with the extra Code Yellow content, chock full of gameplay modifiers.


Originally released for Switch and PC in the middle of last year, Deadtoast’s game starts with the protagonist waking up without his memories in an alley. Obviously he’s going to trust the first floating banana named Pedro that he sees, and follows his lead in going on a murderous rampage.

The game is a blend of side-scrolling platformer, twin-stick shooter and Max Payne’s slow motion bullet time, with speed runs and high scores to chase through each level.

We loved it on Switch, with Nick writing in our My Friend Pedro review:

“My Friend Pedro is everything I wanted it to be. Smooth, stylish gun play, powered by creativity that makes you feel like you’re making your own action scenes in a movie. What’s not to love? Pedro is love. Pedro is your friend.”

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