Sea of Thieves is setting sail for Steam sometime soon

The pirates of Sea of Thieves probably haven’t a clue what steam is, let alone Steam. They’re firmly in the sail ship piracy biz, but Microsoft and Rare are intent on broadening their horizons. Following in the footsteps of other Microsoft published games, Sea of Thieves will be coming to Steam sometime soon.

Of course, you can play it right now, whether that’s picking it up for Xbox One or through the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, or subscribing to Xbox Game Pass to get access to it through there. If you absolutely must have your games on Steam though, you will soon have that option and can wishlist the game to keep tabs on it.


Thankfully, you won’t be stranded on your Steamy little island, but will have full cross-play with other players from Xbox One and PC.

The news comes after Microsoft pledged in 2019 to bring more of their first party games to Steam. That started with Gears 5 last September, before Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s PC port was brought across, and last month Ori and the Will of the Wisps and State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition joined a growing catalogue. While this might dilute some of Microsoft’s control over their games, it’s just one part of their increasingly liberal and open gaming business model.

Sea of Thieves launched back in March 2018 to slightly bemused fanfare. After years of build up, critics and players alike were a touch confused over what you could do in the game outside of attacking other players and taking on treasure hunting fetch quests. Still, there was an undoubted allure to it, despite the lack of content.

I wrote in our Sea of Thieves review:

“Sea of Thieves defies modern gaming conventions in brilliant and refreshing fashion, creating a fairly unique sandbox where you and your crew need to find your own fun. It might be in real need of more variety to the quests and activities, but Sea of Thieves’ curious charms are like a siren’s song that keep drawing me back for more piratical adventures on the high seas.”

Thankfully, Rare were quick to realise their failings and started to develop new content for the game. This came in the form of in-game events, new sea monsters, a PvP mode, and some narrative adventures to follow.

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