April’s PlayStation Plus games are now live and here’s the download links

The PlayStation Plus games for April 2020 are now available for subscribers to grab from the store. After leaking well over a week in advance, they were confirmed last week to be the incredible Naughty Dog adventure Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and the similarly fantastic Codemasters racing game Dirt Rally 2.0.

The direct download links to the PlayStation Store are below:


We gave Uncharted 4 a massive 10/10 in our review, “Naughty Dog has taken a gigantic leap, proving yet again they’re the best in the business,” we said. We kind of expect that most people that want to check out an Uncharted game have already picked up Uncharted 4, but this should serve as a pretty good reminder of how great the company are at crafting these kinds of action adventure games while we patiently wait for the long, long in development and now indefinitely delayed The Last of Us Part II.

Alongside that comes a big hit from a completely different genre, as Codemasters followed up on the excellent hardcore rallying of the original Dirt Rally with Dirt Rally 2.0. With a revised graphics engine and the physics and handling improved even further, it scored well getting 9/10. We said of it in the review: “utterly convincing, enthralling and punishing, Dirt Rally 2 is an exquisite racing sim.”

In the last couple of days, Codemasters have hopped on board with a UK government initiative to bring social distancing messaging into a number of popular video games. So if you’re downloading Dirt Rally 2.0 this week, don’t be surprised if you see some “Stay At Home, Save Lives” messages on the in-game advertising spots.

So, two really good games, no one can complain about the quality, but I know that there will be plenty griping about the fact that they’ve already picked them up in the past.

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  1. They haven’t updated PS Now though. But the games leaked this morning. Or at least, the 3 main ones that will only be on for a few months did. Seems about 99% certain to be real too, since the Japanes blog updated. Spider-Man, Just Cause 4 and Golf Club 2019.

    • And then they updated it, and it was those 3 games. And nothing else.

  2. Anyone else having trouble with Uncharted? First of all I got a message saying if I wanted to download the game I had to delete the version I had installed first, no option to add to library, and now uncharted doesn’t appear at all in the PS Store app on the console. Also, can’t log into the store on any browser I’ve tried as apparently “Due to a recent web browser update this browser is temporarily not supported.” Balls.

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