Final beta for Black Desert battle royale spin-off Shadow Arena is now live

The final beta for Shadow Arena, a battle royale spin-off from MMORPG Black Desert, is now live. Running through the weekend until Sunday 19th April, this is the final stage before the game launches into Steam Early Access in the coming months.

You can gain access to the closed beta by registering your interest here, or simply wait until the early access release to hop in.

Shadow Arena started off as one of the competitive game modes in Pearl Abyss’ MMORPG Black Desert, giving an interesting slant on the battle royale genre with RPG characters being thrown into the fray. We’ve been playing a bit of the game and finding a curious blend of elements. It’s definitely a unique spin on the battle royale, and the RPG style combat, where you throw abilities on a cooldown at your opponents is very different to the scavenging for weapons typical game in the genre. Then again, there’s some MOBA style hints, through the need to farm AI monsters and you still want to loot for improved gear through this. We’ll have further thoughts through the beta, so keep an eye out for a preview soon.

For this final closed beta, the developers have worked to improve matchmaking systems and character balancing in particular, as well as adding more game modes. This now let you practice and fight against bots, so you can brush up before heading out and fighting against other human players. There’s also two kinds of competitive play, with “normal” matches that don’t count toward a player’s ranking, allowing for more casual play, as well as ranked play for those eager to test themselves.

People who sign up for a beta key, or who took part in previous beta phases, will get a pack of in-game items, including the highest grade gears, a matchlock, and Red Dragon’s Offering.

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