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Black Desert is getting PS4 and Xbox One cross-play in March

On 4th March, Pearl Abyss will be taking down this wall between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sides of the Black Desert community. Together they will be able to march forward into the future of this action MMORPG.

Black Desert has had a long development path to reach this point. Originally released for PC, it started its journey to console with the 2017 announcement of plans for a console release, but that soon turned into an exclusive deal with Xbox at that year’s E3. Eventually the game went into closed beta before working its way to a full release in March of this year, before finally ditching its console exclusivity last year for a PS4 release.

It’s grown rapidly since then, jumping from 20 million registered users to the current 30 million figure, thanks in part to the PlayStation user base.

The game’s had numerous updates since last summer, adding new characters and things to the buy-to-play game (as opposed to free-to-play or subscriptions). It’s an open world action MMORPG which puts great emphasis on its graphical prowess and skill-based combat. The medieval fantasy pits the two rival nations of the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia against each other, as they battle for control over the Black Stones. These mysterious stones grant power to whoever uses them and are both a valuable resource within the game and a source of some of the game’s mysteries.

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