Beyond Blue out now on Apple Arcade, comes to console and PC in June

E-Line Media has confirmed that Beyond Blue will be released on June 8th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the week of World Oceans week. The game has already been released on Apple Arcade. In Beyond Blue players dive into the ocean as Mirai, Andre and a crew of other scientists to find out what is happening in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. As players explore these depths they will discover the kind of things that are threatening the environment and lives of the creatures that call the oceans home. Along with the gameplay Beyond Blue will feature unseen footage from Blue Planet II.


Michael Angst, CEO, E-Line Media, Creative Director said:

“We are extremely excited to share Beyond Blue with everyone. We have taken care to craft a visual and audio experience that immerses players in the beauty of the ocean and the amazing creatures that inhabit it, while hopefully doing so with some interpretation and artistry. Players will explore diverse environments ranging from a sun-dappled, oasis-like atoll down through the gauzy blue ‘twilight’ zone where only the faintest amount of light reaches to the midnight of the abyssal zone, where rarely seen creatures produce their own light in an environment otherwise devoid of light.”

Miguel had some time with Beyond Blue and when he played it he wrote:

I’m not a marine biologist, and I’ve never gone diving before, but in just a half-hour Beyond Blue managed to show me just what kind of natural beauty I was missing out on in the deep blue sea. While the objectives and gameplay were simple, that simplicity contributed to a zen-like underwater experience that I didn’t want to leave.

You can read the full impression of Beyond Blue right here.

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