Brothers in Arms TV series announced by Gearbox, Scott Rosenbaum will be showrunner

Gearbox Entertainment is adapting its WWII game franchise Brothers In Arms for television, the studio confirmed today. The studio has tapped Scott Rosenbaum to be the showrunner, and his experience includes being the executive producer for the shows The Shield, Chuck, V, Gang Related, and Queen of the South. The Brothers In Arms TV show will focus on events that occurred during the war that had previously been classified, with the first season focusing on an event that was kept classified for 40 years following the war. Randy Pitchford will be involved with the show too, alongside Jean-Julien Baronnet, a former Assassin’s Creedproducer, Richard Whelan who worked as the first assistant director for Band of Brothers Pacific, Captain America and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ,and Sean Haran, who was the Brothers in Arms series producer.

Speaking of the news, Randy Pitchford released a statement saying:

“Scott is an incredible talent. I have tremendous respect for him as a writer and a showrunner and am thrilled for him to be a part of this project. Scott will create more than a war show – we’ll all be on the edge of our seats as this series will be a surprising and heartfelt emotional journey that resonates across generations with brotherhood as the theme that reconciles and connects humanity.”

Scott Rosenbaum also released a statement about the project:

“I’m honored to be joining the frontlines of this project and look forward to creating an emotional experience around a title that means so much to the Gearbox community.“What attracted me to this series was that while it’s effectively a show about war, the series is really about the incredible stories of the ordinary men and women, from the soldiers, resistance groups, to local civilians who are confronted and overcame impossibly difficult, extraordinary situations. In addition, it’s incredibly exciting to be able to bring these previously classified, unknown stories to an audience, stories that an audience is going to be quite frankly shocked they hadn’t heard before.”

It seems the Brothers in Arms TV show will exploring a number of different themes and how the war affected people from different walks of life. Jean-Julien Baronnet said:

“We wanted to look at WWII storytelling from a new angle in order to touch a wide audience with themes like discrimination, the power of women having to choose between their family and their values, and how young adults can cope with unprecedented situation they were not prepared to face.”

A case for the Brothers in Arms is yet to be confirmed, and there is no release window either.

Source: Gearbox

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