Drifting simulator DRIFT21 announced, heading into Steam Early Access next week

Surrounded by a cloud of burning rubber, 505 Games and developer ECC Games have revealed DRIFT21, a new drifting simulation game that will be heading into Steam Early Access next week on 7th May.


Inspired by the Japanese drift racing scene, DRIFT21 will let you dive deep into tuning your ideal boy racer fully licensed car, chaging parts, boosting performance, and then testing you abilities on Japan’s EBISU circuits. To ensure realism, everything in the game has been created using 3D scanning techniques, from the cars and components, through to the real drift tracks that you’ll be hooning around on.

To start with the car tuning garage will feature over 750 parts and a paint shop mode, while there’s 20 challenges to take on across a variety of game modes, in addition to a simply practice more to get to grips with the drifting in the game. Of course, ECC Games will be adding to the game throughout Early Access, bringing new tracks, cars, and game mode, including multiplayer, to the table. Naturally they’ll be listening to the community for feedback and suggestions.

Now, I’ll level with you here: drifting is probably my least favourite aspect of racing games. Sure, it looks cool in arcade racers, where you get simplified mechanics, but as soon as you mention “simulator” in relation to a game, drifting becomes far too obtuse for my tastes.

Hopefully ECC Games can manage to straddle the breadth of gamers, even with the game being a simulator. I’m sure there’s plenty who really want that high end drift simming, but as long as there’s assists and some healthy handholding for newcomers, that should help broaden the audience. Of course, a lot of that will develop and grow toward the game’s full release.

DRIFT21 will be available for PC via Steam Early Access on 7th May for $24.99/£22.49/€24.99.

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with drifting in games, on some games I can get massive scores and on others crap scores. It’s not down to arcade or sim handling as I can be good and bad on both. I’ll be keeping an eye on this to see how it develops.

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