EA Play Live digital conference will be taking place on June 11th

With all live events pretty much cancelled throughout the summer thanks to COVID-19, which includes the cancellation of E3, there has been a large gap in the gaming event calendar. EA has not been at E3 for a couple of years now, instead opting to host its own conference in the form of EA Play. That is not going to change this year as the publisher has confirmed that EA Play will go ahead but digitally, and the stream will be taking place on June 11th at 4pm PST which is midnight here in the UK.

We will be seeing World Premieres of new titles and no doubt there will be a lot of emphasis on games that will be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X. There will no doubt be a showcase that looks at the next iteration of sports games such as FIFA 21, NFL 21, and NHL 21. What else could we see though? Apex Legends will probably be there and there will likely be some announcement about that being released on the next generation of consoles, considering it is only a year old and that there is unlikely to be a sequel yet.

What about new titles? We could get the first glimpse of Battlefield VI or at least something in the Battlefield realm. Then there are other dormant franchises like Dead Space and Mass Effect which could be brought back. It is very likely we will get news of Dragon Age IV which has been said to be in development for quite some time too. No doubt there will be mention of smaller titles that will be published by EA with previous games like Unravel, A Way Out, and Fe all being shown at EA conferences. EA may unveil new IPs to that will be truly next gen as well, and who knows what they could be.

We shall find out on June 11th, or 12th if you are east of the UK.

Source: Twitter

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