Monster Train will be released on May 21st on Steam

Shiny Shoe and Good Shepard Entertainment have confirmed that the roguelike card battler Monster Train will be released on May 21st to for PC via Steam. The game is slightly different from other card battlers in that players will have to defend three battlegrounds simultaneously. The story of Monster Train is that Hell has frozen over and that there is only one Pyre remaining. The mission is to relight Hell and stop the forces of Heaven from extinguishing it completely.


Monster Train’s features include:


  • Over 220 upgradeable cards with which to build your deck.
  • Choose from five monster clans with unique gameplay and champions.
  • Online real-time competitive multiplayer for up to eight players.
  • Create and share your own custom challenges.
  • With multiple routes to take and decks to build, no playthrough is ever the same!

In a preview for Monster Train, Jason wrote:

Overall, Monster Train already feels like a fairly well-polished roguelike, and it’s doing something a little bit different with the card-battling side of things too. It’s exciting to see it playing so well and already feel perfect for the “one more run” mentality that lets a roguelike thrive. It’s certainly one to watch, and hopefully, the arrival time of the game will be more reliable than the form of transport it’s based on. Given that they’re Hell trains, I assume it’s Southwest Trains specifically.

You can read the full Monster Train preview here.

Source: Press Release

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