Monster Train’s The Last Divinity DLC will be released in March

Developer Shiny Shoe has confirmed that Monster Train’s The Last Divinity DLC will release on March 25th, and it will be priced at $11.99. This DLC will allow players to play as the Wurmkin clan. The Last Divinity is the first major DLC released for the roguelike deckbuilding title, since the game released back in May 2020. The only other DLC that is currently available for Monster Train is the soundtrack which contains 27 tracks for £5.19. On the announcement of The Last Divinity’s release date, Shiny Shoe said:

We would like to thank all who participated in the Public Test Train weekend in January. Thanks to your help we have killed many bugs and improved overall polish. The in-game feedback tool was extensively used, and that feedback helped us improve the DLC even more. The Wurmkin clan is feeling very balanced and the additions to the other clans and Concealed Caverns events add a lot of extra variety.


Jason spent some time with Monster Train last year, and had fun with it writing:

“Overall, Monster Train already feels like a fairly well-polished roguelike, and it’s doing something a little bit different with the card-battling side of things too. It’s exciting to see it playing so well and already feel perfect for the “one more run” mentality that lets a roguelike thrive. It’s certainly one to watch, and hopefully, the arrival time of the game will be more reliable than the form of transport it’s based on. Given that they’re Hell trains, I assume it’s Southwest Trains specifically.”

You can read Jason’s full thoughts here.

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