Scarlet Nexus revealed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X

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Purveyors of all things anime and gaming, Bandai Namco have revealed Scarlet Nexus, coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox One with Smart Delivery.

Coming from a team of developers that previously worked on the Tales series, Scarlet Nexus is set in a cyberpunk-y “Brain Punk” future world where humans have discovered a psionic hormone. This comes just in time for crazy mutants knowns as Others to start showing up with a real desire to eat human brains. Could these things be linked I wonder? Food for thought, anyway.

Facing this overwhelming threat, mankind has turned to their most adept psionics and created the Other Suppression Force, using their extra-sensory abilities to battle the mutants.

You play as Yuito Sumeragi, who’s got a talent for psycho-kinesis and is on hand to defend the city of New Himuka. There’s plenty of world objects to use with your abilities, lifting them up, breaking and hurling parts of the environment alongside other attacks to build up combos. It certainly feels like they’re trying to go for the kind of compelling action combat that has helped make PlatinumGames a fan favourite studio.

Producer Keita Iizuka said, “The next generation of video game home consoles lets the development team realize the full potential of Scarlet Nexus. Players can expect visuals and psychic battles with high resolution and frame rate along with fully interactive real-time battles with dynamic animation.”

There’s no mention of if this is an Xbox exclusive, but nothing Bandai Namco have put out names other platforms at this time. Either way, it will be on Xbox with Smart Delivery, meaning that you can buy the game once and own and play it on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X systems, the game having been optimised to take advantage of the varying platforms.

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