Two screenshots from Doom Eternal’s upcoming single player campaign DLC released

The official Doom Twitter account has posted two images that are taken from DOOM Eternal’s upcoming single-player campaign DLC. While details of the DLC are yet to be confirmed, such as name and plot, these screenshots could offer some insight. The first screen looks like it shows Urdak but the other is a bit more mysterious. We do know that DOOM Eternal will have two single-player campaign DLCs but release dates are to be confirmed. You can check out the screens from the Twitter account below.

DOOM Eternal has not been without issue though that is more to do with external issues around the games soundtrack and the relationship between id Software and Mick Gordon. More specifically, this was to do with the collector’s edition soundtrack and how it was released. It all started when it came to light Mick Gordon had not mixed all of the tracks on the release, and that led to people calling out id Software. However, id Software released a statement explaining the situation in which it stated deadlines were going to be missed and help was offered to Mick to meet those. The deadlines were stringent as it could have led to legal issues for id Software if the release was not done by the date it had given. It has led to a breakdown in the relationship which means Mick is not involved with the music for DOOM Eternal’s DLC.

In our review for DOOM Eternal, Miguel wrote:

Doom Eternal doesn’t just set the bar, it breaks it. Many of the best games of the FPS genre do what has already been done, and can do it really, really well, but Doom Eternal does what no other game has done before, crafting a fast-paced power fantasy that sets your brain cells on fire. It’s an addictive exploration of the mythic Doomslayer character that delivers hours of blood-drenched fun, dozens of memorable collectibles, and a fan-pleasing story book-ended with gorgeous worlds and unforgettable music. Doom Eternal is a ripping, tearing masterpiece.
You can read the full DOOM Eternal review here.
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