Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings III is coming out this September

Paradox Interactive are doing the video game equivalent of dangling a royal baby from a balcony, revealing the release date for their grand strategy sequel Crusader Kings III. The game will be out for PC on 1st September 2020.

Now more than eight years after the release of Crusader Kings II, the company have reigned their game in after countless game updates and expansions. CK3 goes back to basics in some ways, reconsidering fundamental gameplay elements in order to provide new foundations for the series to grow on.

The game lets you take control of the head of a noble family in the medieval world, guiding them through all the courtly intrigue, the marriages, the wars (holy or otherwise), and devious acts needed to get ahead in the world and survive. When you eventually die, all you’ve fought for is passed down to your heir, who you carry on playing as.

The map stretches from the western-most point of Europe across to India, from the top of Scandinavia down to Central Africa, all of which is rendered in a new 3D engine. While Paradox aren’t talking about start or end dates just yet, they promise that it will span five centuries, letting your family thrive across the generations.

Religion naturally plays a part in all of this, with holy wars left right and centre, and myriad faiths under each religion’s umbrella. You can even craft your own religion to cater to your character’s desires, if you don’t mind being branded a heretic…

All of this has been made more accessible than ever, with Paradox working hard to refine the UI to make it easier, not just for novices, but for veteran players as well. Specific features can be looked up in an in-game encyclopaedia, there’s infinite tooltips to dive into, and a new Issues widget to give you key information and offer up advice.

The game is now available for pre-order at the Paradox store and all the other online store fronts with an SRP of $49.99/ £41.99/ €49.99.

Source: press release

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