Resident Evil Resistance update adds Nemesis and a new Mastermind

One of the more curious things about Resident Evil Resistance was that, despite being bundled in with Resident Evil 3 remake, there was no sign of that game’s stomping, angry Nemesis in the asymmetrical multiplayer counterpart. Well, Capcom have fixed that with today’s update.

You’ll now be able to play as Nemesis in Resident Evil Resistance, via the Mastermind character Nicholai Ginovaef.


Nicholai has a suitably powerful set of skill, with an emphasis on cunning, the use of firearms (beyond even what Spencer is able to use) and tracking the Survivors to see their actions behind walls. Obviously, the pinnacle being the ability to summon Nemesis and torment the Survivors just trying to escape.

While Nemesis evolves and has many forms through Resident Evil 3, Resistance distills that into a single form; the most recognisable humanoid one from the start of the game. Compared to G-Birking and the Tyrant, Nemesis has more ranged attacks, is faster, has a roar that can stop Survivors from moving for a short time, and can deal multiple attacks with his tentacles. Oh, and a rocket launcher.

Speaking to the PlayStation Blog, the developers had some tips for players on both sides of the fight:

What tips do you have for succeeding with Nicholai and Nemesis as a Mastermind?

Try shooting your opponents when they are not paying attention. (Laugh) After the game’s been released for some time, Survivors will become very aware of where the cameras are placed, so defeating Survivors with firearms will no longer be easy. Even though Nicholai is a firearms expert, equipping only firearm cards might not be the best strategy. We suggest including fast creatures to distract Survivors, use skills that hold them in place, equip automated firearms to draw their attention, then ambush them from behind for optimal efficiency. In addition, if the Survivors are gathered together, the adrenaline rush players can get from wiping out an entire team of Survivors using Nemesis’s Rocket Launcher is definitely a Nicholai-exclusive experience.

What tips do you have for Survivors trying to survive against Nicholai?

Don’t wander off alone, communicate with each other and stay alert and agile. The Mastermind’s cameras rotate at a fixed speed, so we recommend players practice how to move around while firing weapons when targeted by camera-mounted firearms. We also strongly suggest melee-focused characters like Tyrone and Sam buy at least one firearm to use against cameras. Nicholai’s firearms can deal a considerable amount of damage, making him very hard to defend against when alone and without support. Cameras also have a shield that prevents them from being disabled again for a period of time after they recover. When players see cameras protected by an Electromagnetic Shield, the best strategy would be to retreat or find cover!

We had a great time with both Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance when reviewing the game earlier this year. Nick wrote of Resistance:

“As a freebie included with Resident Evil 3, you can’t really fault Resistance, but it helps that its asymmetrical multiplayer is also a lot of fun. It’s a unique take on the Resi universe and I hope it finds some longevity.”

Source: PS Blog

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