Deep Rock Galactic hotfix released, post launch roadmap confirms new missions and biomes

Ghost Ship Games has released a small hotfix for Deep Rock Galactic which has made flares upgraded from the start of the game instead of requiring mods. Anyone who purchased flare mods will have those refunded. Eggs cannot be removed by removing terrain either without it being broken. The hotfix notes are below:

  • Fixed Dreadnought eggs in elimination were not using correct terrain detection and could be placed on very thin ground, making the egg break immediately.
  • The egg can no longer be removed by removing terrain below it before it has been broken. (It leaves half a shell that can then be removed by removing terrain)
  • Explosive barrel dispenser now selects a nearby location when it fails to find a valid location rather than 0,0,0. The actor should now be destroyed properly when game events explode
  • Flares are now upgraded from the start instead of having to purchase mods. Those who bought the mods will get them refunded. The flare mods were a remnant from the old upgrade system. They were not adding anything substantial to the player progression and were an unnecessary hindrance to new players
  • Adjusted Machine event floor height so that they are less covered. (Like before)

In addition to the hotfix, Ghost Ship Games has given details of what players can expect over the next few months in terms of content for Deep Rock Galactic. The next update will add three new secondary mission updates, a new gag beer called Smart Stout, new shapes discoverable in caves, and an upgrade to the miner’s manual showing monsters players encounter. This update is expected to go live in June. Then in Q3 2020 the second post-launch update will add two new mission types, themed cosmetics that complement the new missions, and a cosmetic DLC pack. Q4 2020 will bring the third post-launch update and that will add two new biomes, new enemies, and other yet unannounced things.


In our review for Deep Rock Galactic, Stefan wrote:

Ooh, aah, that’s how it always starts, then later there’s running and screaming. Deep Rock Galactic can be deceptively easy going at times, right up until the swarms of bugs come crawling out of the inky darkness to besiege you and your friends. Who knew space dwarf mining could be so fun?
You can read the full Deep Rock Galactic review here.
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